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Platnium Stages Star Stand Alone v4.0


The Star Stand Alone is a sturdy dance pole that can be installed almost anywhere! grass, sand, carpet, tile etc...


Highly-stable 45mm (1.75 inch) stainless steel multi piece dance pole measuring up to 9.1  ft in height (can also accommodate ceiling heights under 8 ft). Circular stage base (black only) measuring 5ft and 8in in diameter (173cm) and has a thickness of 3in (8cm).


Rent a Dance Pole for your: Private Practice, Private Party such as a Birthday, Bachelor/Bachelorette Party, Corporate/Business event, Music Video, Media Production, Competition, Expo, Convention, Casino Entertainment, Photoshoot, Promotional Event. Our Stage Poles Do Not Need to be Mounted to the Ceiling or Floor, Can be used in a Home or Outside Setting and has Static (Stationary Mode available upon request with a locking pin included) or Spin Capabilities. Pole rentals do not come with an instructor. However, you can hire The Polefessor as an instructor or performer to teach or perform at your event.


Poles are limited and reserved on a first come first serve basis. We will deliver, setup, break down and pick up. The cost to rent a Stage Pole is $250 for the first day (24hrs) and $150 every day after that. We also require an additional $100 cash security deposit due at time of delivery and refundable when we pick up pole in same condition as delivered, plus additional travel fees. Travel fees are calculated and based on The Polefessor's location (each way):  $25 for <15 minutes, $50 for 16-30 minutes, $75 for 31-45 minutes, $100 for 46- 60 minutes , $125 for 61-75 minutes, $150 for 76-90 minutes, $175 for 91-105 minutes, $200 for 106-120 minutes. Deliveries & Pick Up times are between 7am-9am. Additional Cost for Custom Times. Travel Fees includes setup and break down.


No Refunds or Exchanges on Pole Rental Purchases. If you cancel at least 7 days prior, we will allow reschedule of Rental Date within 30 days of Purchase Date. Please contact us for pole availability, location drop off and set up.

Simple Setup Video

Please note the pole you are renting requires a hex key, which is provided, to tighten pole pieces together and locking pin (available upon request) for static capabilities, see video at 1:23

Tour Schedule



Please contact us directly to confirm availability, dates and locations.



Please contact us directly to confirm availability, dates and locations.

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Will the stage pole fit in my venue?

We require the following in order to set-up: 1) A minimum 6' x 6' floor clearance 2) A minimum 8' ceiling height 3) Elevator access for locations above or below ground level

Will the stage pole damage the floor or ceiling?

The equipment is free-standing and the pole does not touch the ceiling. There are anti-slip silicone pads situated underneath the base of the stage to prevent the pole from sliding when in use and also protect the floor from possible damage. We have not had issues with floor damage.

Can I move the pole around after it is setup?

No. The Stage Pole is an industry level pole that weighs over 205 lbs and was not designed to be a mobile piece. If you decide to move the stage or disassemble it, you will be responsible for any damages or missing parts.

What is the setup and break down like?

Setup usually takes less than half an hour depending on stage pole placement and venue location. We also require elevator access for locations above or below ground level in order to setup.

Do your poles have a weight limit?

There is a manufacturer weight limit of 250 but generally no,our poles can accommodate multiple people at one time (doubles tricks).